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PEVENSEY                             301
able nor offered no summe conuenient) wherfore the cousel of the realme of England grauously pondered and wisely considered that if by con-iunction of mariage, England and Scotland were perfectly knit in one, that the indissoluble band of amitie betweene the Frenche and Scottishe nacions should be shortly broken and dissolued. Where­fore the protector of the realme of Englad by the consent of the whole baronage of the same gaue to him in mariage the Lady lane doughter to Ihon earle of Sommerset desceased, not onely sister to Ihon then duke of Sommerset but also cosyn germayne remoued to the Kyng and nece to the cardinal of Wynchester and the duke of Exceter. " The kyng of Scottes hauyng great affection to this fay re Lady, but muche more desiryng his deliuerance and libertie, put in hostages for the residue of his raunsome because a great part therof was deminished and abated for the money allowed to hym for his mariage, and so was de-liuered to depart at his pleasure. Alacke, the olde prouerbes bee to true ; an Ape although she bee clothed in purple, will be but an Ape, and a Scotte neuer so gentely enterteined of an Englishe prince will be but a dissimulyng Scotte. What kyndnes could be more shewed to a prisoner than to bryng hym vp in good litterature. What loue maie bee more declared to a captiue, then to instructe hym in marciall feates and warlike affaires : What fauor can be more ascribed to a high and renoumed prince, then to geue in mariage to his vnderlyng and vassall his cosyn and kinswoman of his royal parentage lawfully descended. All these kynd-nesses suffised not, nor all these gratuities auailed not to make this kyng lames frendly to the realme of Englande. For he notwithstandyg his homage
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