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302                   THE SUSSEX COAST
doen to the young Henry king of Englande and of Fraunce at his Castle of Wynsore this present yere (1423), before three Dukes, twoo Arche-bishoppes, xii. erles, x. bishoppes, x x. barons, and twoo hundred knightes and esquires and mo, accordyng to the tenor here after foloyng.
"'I, lames Stuart kyng of Scottes, shalbe true and faithfull vnto you lorde Henry by the grace of God kyng of Englande and Fraunce the noble and superior lorde of the kyngdome of Scotlande. . . .'
"Nether regardyng his othe, nor estemyng the great abundance of plate and riche Clothes of Arras, to hyin by the mother and vncles of his wife liberally geuen and frendly deliuered (of which sorte of riches fewe or none before that daie wer euer seen in the coutrey of Scotlande) like a dogge whiche hath cast vp his stomacke and returneth to his vomet, or like a snake whiche after his engenderyng with a Lampray taketh again his old poyson: After he had once taken the ayre and smelled the sent of the Scottishe soyle became like his falce fraudulent forfathers, an vntrue prince and like his proude pratyng progenitors toke the ymage of a braggyng and bostyng Scot, newly alied hymself with the Frenche nacion. And yet whatsoeuer he did, his nacion bothe write and testifie, that by the learn-yng whiche he by the greate benefite of the kynges of Englande duryng his captiuitee in this realme had obteigned, replenished his countrey with good litterature, and by the nurture the whiche he was brought vp in Englad, he brought his people to ciuilitee: So that his captiuitee was to his nacion the greatest libertie that euer thei could haue, deliuering them from blynde ignorance to Angelicke knowledge, reducyng theim from
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