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RYE                                      397
Amazement to him there.
1 Of such a page
In any age,' Quoth he, ' I did not heare.'
At Magrum, then, in Germany,
Their lord did see them marryed; From whence, unto the toune of Rie In England, were they carried. Where now they dwell, Beloved well Of neighbours far and neare. Sweet Margery Loves Anthony, The pride of Lester-shire.
You maydes and young men warning take
By these two lovers kinde, Who ever you your choyce doe make, To them be true in minde.
For perfect love
Comes from above, As may by this appeare,
Which came to passe,
By Sussex lasse, And the lad of Lester-shire."
The present port of Rye is formed by the common estuary of the three rivers, Rother, Brede, and Tillingham ; the entrance is protected by a pier of concrete and wood one side and a shingle bank the other, black and white buoys mark the way out to sea. The village of Rye Harbour is entirely built on the shingle, there are a few tarred build­ings, a modern stone church and the usual features of a small Sussex port. On the other side of the river is Camber, where are golf-links and a light
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