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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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The Sussex Dialect.
I hope that they may at least serve the purpose of inducing some persons to look through the pages of my book, who would otherwise have taken no interest in a mere collection of words; and perhaps when they see how many interesting points may be elicited from closer intercourse with their poorer neighbours, they may be persuaded to become in their turn collectors of old words and stories of the past.
I am convinced that there are many more words yet to be recorded, and I hope that some of my readers will send me materials for a larger dictionary of the Sussex dialect, which I hope some day to be able to complete. I have little doubt of finding many persons ready to help me in this respect, for I have already received much assistance from persons who were strangers to me till they saw my name in connection with this publication; and even up to the last moment, while my work has been in the hands of the printers, several words have been sent me too late to find a place in the alphabetical list. I have, therefore, requested the publishers to add at the end of each volume a few blank pages, so perforated as to be easily detached without injury to the book, in the hope that such persons as are willing to help me, may write down and forward to me any words not hitherto published which may come under their notice; adding always the name of the locality in which they are used, their pronunciation if it seems necessary, and any proverb or anecdote which may add to their interest.
In making this announcement I acknowledge the imper­fection of my own work. Such a work must of necessity be tentative and imperfect, but such as it is I offer it to the kind perusal of all who are interested in the old-world ideas and language of our kind-hearted old-fashioned Sussex folk, many of whom I number among my dearest friends.
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