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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.                     19
Bittle-battle. The game of stoolball.
There is a tradition that this game was originally played by the milk-maids with their milking-stools, which they used for bats; but this word makes it more probable that the stool was the wicket, and that it was defended with the bittle, which would be called the bittle-bat; hence the word bittle-battle.
Blackeyed Susan, m. A well pudding, with plums or raisins
in it. Blame. A common substitute for a worse word.
"Blame ye! ye be always at something; be blamed if I
doant give it yer one of these days."
Blanket-pudding, m. A long round pudding, made of flour and jam; sometimes called a bolster-pudding.
Bleat, m. Cold; cutting; applied to the wind.
Blobtit, m. A tell-tale.
Blunder, m. A noise as of something heavy falling.
"I heard a terrible blunder overhead."
Blunder. To make a noise.
Bluv, or Bliv. [Corruption of Believe.] "I bluv" is often used at the end of an assertion in the sense of "you may take my word for it," as, "'Taint agoing to rain to-day, I bluv."
Bly, e. [Bleo, Ang. Sax., hue.] A resemblance; a general likeness.
"I can see a bly of your father about you."
Bobbingneedle, m. A bodkin.
Boco, e. [Beaucoup, French, much.] A large quantity. This word is principally used by the fishermen.
Bodger. [Corruption of Badger.] Boffle. A confusion or mistake.
" If you sends him of a errand he's purty sure to make a bofHe of it."
Boke. [Bealcian, Ang. Sax.] To nauseate.
Bondland, w. [Bonde-land, is defined in Bosworth's Anglo-Saxon Dictionary as rand held under restrictions.]
Used in Framfield and Mayfield for old cultivated or yard-lands, as distinguished from assart-lands, which were parts of forests cleared of wood and put into a state of cultiva­tion, for which rents were paid under the name of assart-rents.
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