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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.
Gifts. White specks which appear on the finger nails, supposed to indicate the arrival of a present.
"A gift on the thumb, is sure to come; A gift on the finger is sure to linger."
Gifty, w. [Giftig, Dutch.] Unwholesome; poisonous.
"The house smelt quite gifty-like." Gigglesome. Given to giggle.
Gimsy, e. Smartly dressed.
Give-in. To state an opinion.
"Master Cockleshaw he gives it in that we shall have a change of weather before many days." Give-over. Leave off.
"You just give over messing-about among my cabbages."
Glincy. [Glincer, Old French, to slide.] Smooth; slippery; applied to ice.
Glum. [Glom, Ang. Sax., gloom.] Gloomy.
"The weather looks very glum this morning."
Gnang, e. [Gnagan, Ang. Sax., to gnaw.] To gnash the teeth.
Goad, w. Any long stick. Pronounced goad.
Gobbet. [Gobet, French, a hasty meal.] A large mouthful of anything; a lump.
" Meet I an infant of the house of York, Into as many gobbets will I cut it, As wild Medea young Absyrtus did."
—II Henry VI., Act v. sc. 2. Gold Cup. The meadow ranunculus.
Gole. [Gole, Old French, the gullet.] A wooden drain pipe. In the north of England the word is used for a small stream.
Gooden, or Goodening. The custom of going from house to house for doles on St. Thomas's day (21st December). This was done by women only, and a widow had a right to a double dole; the presumed object being to obtain money or provisions for the enjoyment of the approaching festival of Christmas. Goodman. An old title of address to the master of the house.
I find the following entries in a book of accounts of the parish of Selmeston,—
1745, December ye 22.
" Goodman Gasson. payd fower men for Carring John Gasson to the ground 00 .. 04 .. 00 payd Tho. Jurden for buring John Gasson . . . . 00 .. 02 .. 06 payd for laying John Gasson foarth and one shilling for
ather Daved" (affidavit) . .........00 .. 03 .. 00
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