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A Collection Of Provincialisms In Use In The County Of Sussex.

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A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.
In former times, at the commencement of the hop-picking season, the pickers purchased a neck-cloth for the pole-puller. The article was of some showy colour, to make him more conspicuous in the hop-garden, and its purchase seems to have been attended with some convivialities, if we may judge from the following extract from the diary of Mr. Turner,—
"September 23,1756.—Halland hop-pickers bought their pole-pullers nick-cloth and, poor wretches, many of them insensible."
Pollard. The refuse siftings of flour, finer than bran and coarser than sharps.
Polt, e. A hard driving blow. The form pult occurs in early English.
Pond-pudding. Another name for the Black-eyed Susan. Pooch. (See Poach.) To push or dig into anything. Poocher, m. An instrument used by thatchers.
Pook-hale. Puck's Hall; the fairy's cottage.
A cottage at Selmeston goes by this name, and one of our numerous ghosts is still said to frequent the spot.
There are many farms and closes in Sussex which owe their names to having been the reputed haunt of fairies.
Poor. Thin. The proverb "as poor as a church mouse" is connected with this meaning of the word. When the numerous candles which adorned the altar, or were placed before shrines of patron Saints, were removed at the Refor­mation, the mice which formerly frequented the churches were starved out.
Popple, e. To bubble. A poppling sea is when the waves rise and fall with a quick sudden motion.
Posnet, w. A skillet; a small saucepan.
Pot-hanger, w. A hook shaped like the letter s on which the black pot was hung over the fire to boil.
Poud.* An ulcer; a boil.
Poults, w. Beans and peas sown and harvested together.
Pound, m. [Ang. Sax.pund, a fold; pyndan, to pen up.] A small enclosure. A pigstye is called a hog-pound.
Pountle, w. Honest; reliable. [Probably a corruption of Punctual.]
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