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England-Sussex Sussex is a historic county in South East England corresponding roughly in area to the ancient Kingdom of Sussex. It is bounded on the north by Surrey, east by Kent, south by the English Channel, and west by Hampshire, and is divided for local government into West Sussex and East Sussex and the City of Brighton and Hove.
The divisions of West Sussex and East Sussex were first set in 1189 and confirmed by the County of Sussex Act 1865. Under the Local Government Act 1888 the two divisions became two administrative counties (along with three county boroughs: Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings). The appellation Sussex remained in use as a ceremonial county until 1974, when the Lord-Lieutenant of Sussex was replaced with one each for East and West Sussex. Sussex Old
Ceremonial County of Sussex
Sussex Today
After 1974 Division

East Sussex, Area 1,792 km² (691.9 sq mi)
Population 757,600 (ceremonial county) 422/km² (1,093/sq mi)
Ethnicity 96.5% White 1.0% S. Asian

West Sussex, Area 1,991 km² (769 sq mi)
Population 770,900 387/km² (1,002/sq mi)
Ethnicity: 96.6% White 1.7% S.Asian

West Sussec Coat Arms New

Left, Present day Coat Of Arms For West Sussex, Right is for East Sussex.


East Sussex Coat Of Arms New West Sussex Old Left, West Sussex Coat Of Arms 1889.
Right East Sussex Coat of Arm 1937.
East Sussex 1937