People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Discovery of the Springs
Bladud was now (Gramercy Pig!) a delicate vine
Boy, So whome he trudges to his Dad, to be his only
Joy; And then he built this gawdy Toun, and sheer'd his
Beard spadeways, Which voke accounted then a Grace, though not so
now-a-Days. Thwo thowsand and vive hundred Years, and Thirty-
vive to That, Zince Bladud's Zwine did looze their Greaze, which we
Moderns call Vat. About that Time, it was alzo, that Ahob's Zuns were
hanged, A Zezabel, their Man (curz'd Deil!) caused Naboth be
stonehanged, Chee cud zay more, but cham aveared, Voke will account
this Vable, O Invidles ! if yee woon not me, yet chee pray believe
the Table."
After this circumstantial account, date and all, given by Coryate, it would be offering an indignity to that poet to give the version related at length in John Wood's Description of Bath or in Richard Warner's history of that city. Let it suffice that when the new Assembly Room there was opened by Nash, a song, specially composed for the occasion, was sung in honour of King Bladud.
Tunbridge Wells has no miraculous legend
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