People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
their Majesties to Tunbridge Wells, and in his letter dated August 1663 it is particularly interesting to read that at an age so far remote, and in spite of the difficulties of travelling in those days, London was as empty propor­tionately then as now. " La solitude se trouve maintenant dans Tune des plus grandes villes du monde. L'on n'y voit ni dames ni courti-sans, les seigneurs s'etant retires et, sans avoir aucune complaisance pour ceux qui restent, ils ont emmene leurs femmes," his Excellency wrote. " La Reine, avec sa conr, qui est assez nombreuse, est toujours a Tunbridge, ou les eaux n'ont rien produit ce que Ton avait espere. On peut les nommer les eaux de scandale, puisqu'elles, on pense, ruinent les femmes et les filles de reputation (j'entends celles qui n'avaient pas leur maris)." * His indictment of Tunbridge Wells at this date as a hot-bed of scandal doubtless had truth enough in it, but what he said applied as much to Bath or any place where the well-to-do leisured classes assembled to while away a few pleasant weeks.
The retinues of the King and Queen were
1 J. J. Jusserand, A French Ambassador at the Court of Charles II, 217.
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