People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Development of Tunbridge Wells
nearer they drink it the spring ye better, it being a spiriteous water that is ready to Evaporate if Carry'd any way, as has been try'd by weighing the water by the well and Carrying them but to ye middle of the walks, it has lost of ye weight, and much more the End of the whole walke: notwithstanding many has it brought to their Lodgings a mile or two off and drink them in their beds, nay, some have them brought to London wch is near 40 miles. They have the bottles filled and corked in the well under the Water and so seale down the Corks wch they say pre­serves it. They have made the wells very Commodious by the many good buildings all about it and 2 or 3 mile round which are Lodgings for the Company that drinke ye waters, and they have Encreased their buildings so much that makes them very Cheape.
" All people buy their own provision at ye market woh is just by ye wells and furnish'd with great plenty of all sorts. Flesh, fowle, and fish and in great plenty is brought from Rhye and Deale &c, this being ye road to London, so all the season the water is dranke they stop here wch makes it very Cheape,
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