People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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In the Eighteenth Century
World better to begin an Intrigue than in this," Macky declared; and turning to Defoe we find the following passage :—" Tunbridge also is a Place in which a Lady however virtuous, yet for want of good Conduct may as soon Ship­wreck her Character as in any part of England ; and where, when she has once injur'd her Reputation, 'tis as hard to restore it; nay, some say no Lady ever recover'd her Char­acter at Tunbridge, if she first wounded it there : But this is to be added too, that a Lady very seldom suffers that way at Tunbridge, without some apparent Folly of her own; for that they do not seem so apt to make havock of one another's Reputation here, by Tattle and Slander, as I think they do in some other Places in the World; particularly at Epsome, Hampstead, and such like Places; which I take to be, because the Company who frequent Tunbridge, seem to be a Degree or two above the Society of those other Places, and therefore are not so very apt, either to meddle with other People's affairs, or to Censure if they do; both which are the Properties of that more Gossiping-Part of the World. In this I shall be much misunderstood, if it is thought I meant the Ladies only, for I must own I look
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