People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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In the Eighteenth Century-many distinguished visitors to " The Wells." The Duke of Marlborough went there from London on July 15, 1717, having on that day demitted all his employments under the Crown, and he and the Duchess stayed until August was far gone. The Duchess liked Tunbridge Wells as much as Bath, and frequently visited it, making herself with her autocratic airs about as popular at one place as another. She was on good terms with the equally autocratic Nash, and even deigned to consult him in certain matters; and when that poten­tate annexed this watering-place, she found in that fact an added attraction. Certainly she was there in July 1730 before the Beau became Master of the Ceremonies, and afterwards in August 1733, and during many other seasons she put in an appearance at the spa. Some­thing of their squabbles is indicated on another page, but though they sharpened their wits on one another, it did not interfere with the regard and respect they entertained, the Beau for the Duchess, her Grace for Nash. Nash, indeed, was one of the few persons who could extract from her money for charity, the lady having little liking for such unprofitable ex­penditure. One evening when the great Master
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