People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
of the Ceremonies was collecting for the Bath Hospital, of which he was one of the founders and principal supporters, her Grace in vain endeavoured to escape him. Brought to bay at last, she said lightly, " You must put down a trifle for me, Nash, for I have no money in my pockets." " Yes, Madam, that I will do with pleasure, if your Grace will tell me when to stop," he replied; and, taking a handful of guineas from his pocket, began to throw them one by one quickly into his hat. " One-Two-Three-Four-Five—" " Hold ! Hold ! " cried the Duchess. " Consider what you are about." " Madam, consider your rank and fortune," retorted Nash. " Six-Seven-Eight-Nine-Ten." In vain the Duchess tried to speak : Nash would not allow her time to inter­ject a word. " Pray compose yourself, Madam, and do not interfere with the work of charity. . . . Eleven - Twelve - Thirteen - Fourteen -Fifteen." The Duchess, now thoroughly alarmed, tried by force to stem the torrent of gold. " Peace, Madam," said the great man, with an air of severe dignity—and a twinkling eye, we may be sure; " you shall have your name written in letters of gold, and upon the front of the building, too. . . . Sixteen-Seven-94
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