People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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In the Eighteenth Century
teen - Eighteen - Nineteen - Twenty." " I will not pay a farthing more," said the Duchess. " Charity covers a multitude of sins," Nash remarked imperturbably; " Twenty - one -Twenty - two - Twenty - three - Twenty - four -Twenty-five." " Nash, I protest, you frighten me out of my wits," the lady protested. "Lord! I shall die." "Madam, you will never die with doing good," he laughed. " And even if you do, it will be the better for you." He was about to plunge his hand into his pocket for more guineas, when the Duchess insisted that she should be let off with a donation of thirty guineas. She was, or pretended to be, very angry indeed, and when presently her persecutor came near the card-table at which she was seated, " Stand farther away, you ugly devil," she called to him, " for I hate the sight of you." Fortune favoured her at cards, happily, and she went to him later in the evening: " Come," she said, " I will be friends with you, though you are a devil; and to let you see I am not angry, there are ten guineas more for your charity." Then, overcome by the awful thought that this piece of generosity might bring other appeals on her purse, " But this I must insist upon, that
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