People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
These, my dear Friend, are the Whole of the Regular expected Taxes on you, but Per­sons of particular Distinction and Inclination frequently give Breakfasts, Tea-drinking, and Balls, either public, or in Parties; and I must assure you, that at all the Places these Cere­monies are conducted in a very pleasing and agreeable Manner.
The Provisions here are, in general, excellent, particularly the Poultry, which are likewise very cheap; almost every Body go to Market here themselves, all the Market Women stand­ing at the Steps at the End of the Walks, from Seven till Ten in the Morning, in such a Manner that you are almost obliged to pass through them : they behave with great Civility. There is likewise a Fish Market facing the Walks, almost every Day in the Week, where the Fish are, in general, extremely fresh, being brought in the Night from four or five different Places on the Coast, all within thirty Miles Distance; as are the Wheat Ears, which are at this Time very fine, and in great Plenty; and we have a good old Woman, the best Pastry-Cook in England—I wish you was here to eat one of her Chicken Pyes and Cheese-cakes.
The Post comes in every Day, except 222
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