People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Eighteenth Century Post-Bag
Monday, about Eleven in the Morning, and goes out every Day except Saturdays and Mondays, at Five in the Afternoon. They have been this Season particularly well accom­modated by two Flys, which run in Opposition to each other, which carry four Persons only, and are never more than five Hours or five and a half on the Road; One sets out at Five in the Morning, from hence, and gets into London at Eleven, and returns from thence at One. The other sets out from London at the same Time in the Morning, and returns from hence at One; by which the Company have an Opportunity of having Turbots, Fruit, &c, in Time for Dinner, and of sending Wheat Ears from hence to their Friends in London : The Fare is Half a Guinea. The common Stage Coach sets out every Monday, Wednes­day, and Friday, for London, at Six in the Morning, and arrives about Two; returns every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at the same Hours. The Carriers, of which there are three, set out every Monday and Thursday from hence, at Nine in the Morning; and from London every Tuesday and Friday, at about Three in the Afternoon. The particular Manu­factory of this Place is a vast variety of
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