People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
the morning, one to two, and seven till eight. There is a Harp and several wind Instruments. The place begins to look like a public Lounge, and Company is daily arriving.
Samuel Rogers to Sarah Rogers.
Tunbridge : 13th Octr. 1805.
You will no doubt be surprised to receive another letter from this Castle of Indolence; but here I have remained (with only two short flights to town) partly from my own dilatory nature, but still more from my companion's, till I begin to despair of ever moving till Mount Zion and Mount Ephraim are loosened from their foundations. A set of people so warm-hearted, so distinguished for talent and temper, were perhaps never assembled before. Our happiness was the subject of hourly con­gratulation from each to each, and the unfeigned regret with which we have parted is the best proof of it. This morning, after breakfasting together, we lost the Beckfords, who are gone to Eastbourne, and to-morrow we set off for Lord Robert Spencer's. On the way we shall pass a day or two at Brighton, where I hope to see Patty and her nursery, and also the Chinnerys, and we shall at Worthing just look 228
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