People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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The better Rank that here resort, From Country, City, or from Court, Are pester'd with a foppish Crew, Dispis'd by all, but known to few; Some from the Divel's Arse-i-th'-Peak, As wild and wicked as Old Nick, Whose fam'd Exploits I will recite, To do the vertuous Gentry right; The World true Quality may know, From that vain Fool the upstart Bmav.
The Sober Gentry that appear, And resort Annually here, Whose Noble Grandure truly grace, And add a Lustre to the Place, Are num'rous, each of good Estate, By Birth and Education Great. The Men are Generous and free, Abounding with Civility. Respectful and obliging Friends, To all who Merit recommends; Kind Patrons, and a sure defence, To Vertue, Wit and Innocence.
The Female Train appear so bright,
The World scarce needs another Light,
Their darling starry Eyes do even
Out-shine the milky way of Heaven.
Their Beauty so divinely sweet,
Subdues each stubborn Heart they meet,
And makes the gazing Youth to fall
A Victim, not to One but All:
Each lovely Face so wounds his Breast,
He knows not which to like the best,
But finds as he the Train surveys,
In ev'ry Nimph a killing Grace,
T 2                                                                                    291
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