People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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And deem him Pindar of the Sport:~ When with his Knife he's dug a Hole, And pois'd his Raiser with his Ball, Here goes, says he, and if I like it, And very rarely fails to strike it; Then hits a Hop too most exceeding, And this is chieftest of his Breeding. It's true he can at Cricket play, With any living at this day : And fling a Coit, or toss a Bar, With any Driver of a Car : But Little Nine-pins and Trap-ball, The Knight delights in most of all, Conceiving like a prudent Man, The other might his Honour stain, So scorns to let the Publick see, He should degrade his Quality.
So pritty-fac'd that every Feature,
Seems a meer miracle of Nature;
His Cheeks and Forehead lye as flat,
As an old Oval Dial-plate :
His Nose, indeed, bespeaks him Roman,
But stands exactly like a Gnomen,
That when the Sun shines fairly forth,
And if he turns his Back to th' North,
The Ladies can discern, they say,
The very minute of the Day,
And find his Phiz as little vary,
As any pocket Watch they carry.
Who likes him, must take pains to woo him,
For Ladies are obnoxious to him;
He loves his homely Self too well,
To think their Charms his own excel;
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