Holidays At Brighton or Seaside Amusements - online book

An illustrated early Brighton travel guide, in the form of a story of
Lewis & Edward's holiday in that sea side town in the 1830's.
Published By Darton & Harvey, Gracechurch Street London Circa 1834

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" Edward! Edward!" cried little Lewis Ashton ; " when will you open your sleepy eyes ? Here I am almost dressed, and you are not awake yet. You forget we are not in London, where nothing is to be seen but dull streets and black looking houses ; or at school, where the first thing to be heard in the morning, is the sound of the great bell calling us to lessons." " No, I do not," cried Edward, starting up as though the great bell had really roused him from his slumbers : "we are in Brighton at last; in Brighton, where the king and queen live, and where there are so many grand things to be seen: but what I want to see more than all is the deep wide sea. It was so dark when we came here last night, that what papa told me was the sea looked only, as we rode along, like a line of black clouds.